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Thought Leadership

Die Gestaltung effektiver Vorstandsgremien

The articles describes the levers you can pull as a chairman, member of the board or business partner to increase the effectiveness of an executive board and increase your own position.

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Leadership: Developing effective executive committees

Law firms have always relied on technically brilliant lawyers to help build their reputation. In the future this may well not be sufficient. – Article by Dr. Sabine Dembkowski, published in “The Lawyer”

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Women in Private Equity Forum: Europe 2014

Dr. Sabine Dembkowski participates in the “Women in Private Equity Forum: Europe” on 2nd and 3rd December 2014 in London.

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Institute of Director’s India Global Convention 2014

Dr Sabine Dembkowski is invited to participate in the panel discussion at the annual conference “Institute of Directors India Global Convention” in London. The conference features a session run by Sabine called: “Corporate Governance: Board Leadership”.

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Designing and developing effective boards to drive value creation in PE investments

Value creation has become one of the overarching topics in the world of private equity. But once you have achieved this, how do you measure the impact? – Guest contribution by Dr Sabine Dembkowski, published by “The Operating Partners Forum”.

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Private Equity Lessons For Improving A Board’s Effectiveness

How do private equity firms shake up the governance of their companies? What lessons can they offer your board? – Article by Dr Sabine Dembkowski, published in “The Corporate Board”.

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